5 Gifts you can get for your Football Fanatic Friend

Football Gifts

If one of your friends is a die-hard fan of a football club, then you'll surely need to get him one of these five gift ideas

1 - Keychains

Your keys are something that is always close to you, and so is your favorite football club. Keychains at TSS come in different shapes for a number of clubs. You can get your friend a keychain with one of his favorite players on it, like this Steven Gerrard keyring, or a one with your friend's favorite club's logo on it like this Chelsea keyring coming straight from Stamford Bridge, or even a fancy Italian leather Liverpool one.

2- Mugs

What a great way to start a perfectly productive work day with coffee from your favorite football team's mug.TSS sells diverse types of mugs like the tea tub mug for those cozy match days you're watching at home and the aluminium and plastic travel mugs to use on your way to work every day.

3- Bags

Whether you're looking for a backpack, shoulder bag, messenger bag or a gym bag, we've got them all in our store

4- Footballs

You'll find an amazing collection that ranges from the top European leagues official footballs, to the Euro 16 footballs and even unique old school retro soccer balls that you won't find easily in Egypt! Check this Liverpool ball and see for yourself now!

It will also be a great way for your friend to show off his UEFA Euro 2016 ball when he goes for a Thursday night football match.

5- Watches

Yes, these do exist and we have them on TSS.. Take a look at this fancy Arsenal watch.

Whether your friends are fans of Zamalek, Real Madrid, Arsenal, Barcelona or any other football club, we'll help you find the perfect football gift that suits them.


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