Thank You TSS :) Best Customer Service ever, fast easy & immediate ,
you already achieve your Values to build a loyal customers form your professionalism of CS , Prices ,Quality & delivery time , You do the impossible to me :).Strongly Recommended
Great quality products and excellent customer service making sure everything is as smooth as possible!!! Proud to see something as professional in Egypt and all made in Egypt as well, keep it upp
I more than loved the level of professionalism of this online store: The order was delivered exactly on time, the online assistance folks are very helpful, fast and friendly. And the quality of the product is more than perfect. Definitely one of very few online pages where you can buy a trusted and satisfactory product. Strongly recommended! #shaga3_masr
fast delivery service , excellent customer care , just perfect
Nto nas zy elfoool

So proud to have such level of service in Egypt...had a problem with my order they were very professional & took an action so fast ...they really deserve a solid 5...keep it up
I have ordered Zamalek polo T-shirt. Nice quality and change of size was available. keep it
I'm proud that we have that level of service quality here in egypt , fast delivery service , excellent customer care , just perfect
Definitely one of my all-time favorite shops!! ⚽
Its so great to have such this event on egypt ground
Superb service…I have ordered Zamalek authentic polo shirt…quality is nice and shipping was for free after 7 days of order
Well done guys and keep it up!
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